Welcome to Arden Prime and -nymphie-'s home.

This is a BDSM-themed room.

1. Be Respectful/No Drama... You will be booted IMMEDIATELY
2. All Chatro Rules Apply here
3. Open Sceneing is Encouraged.
4. There are a few members that are not allowed, you KNOW who you are... don't try it
5. Don't Enter this room and then not greet, not say a word... you will be booted.. inmmediately
6. This is NOT your avatar code fixing room.. go elsewhere and fix your shit

Please make Y/yourselves at home

Need an avatar? Look no further, these are the best two design boards on the whole interwebs! go check them out!

Digital Circus Designs The Art Garden
Wonderful Banners made by castiel/Vivian <3

if there are any questions, or you have an issue, or even want to become a member of SnS, feel free to send us an email

*-*Sodomy and Sin*-*

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