Illuminated Realm of Darkness

Managed and hosted by: Olivia~
Room Moderators: Olivia~ & painne

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There is a turn off the main road of your mind. A road leading deeper and deeper into the misty uncertain wilderness.

The road winds through the forest of dark thoughts lying deep within you and suddenly it's too narrow to turn around, so you venture on until you see the magnificent old castle at the end of the road.

It is perhaps a much needed refuge, so you pass through the gate and see the big door with the welcoming sign.

Welcome to Illuminated Realm of Darkness

Olivia's realm is a haven for Ladies, Transgendered, and Her special guests. The realm is, first and foremost, a place of friendship. A meeting place for all people and potentially a home for some. All are equal here. There are no social ladders or ranks, just people having a good time and respecting each other. BDSM is very welcome here, but is not required. One thing for which we will have no tolerance is a Domme who thinks She is entitled to a sub.

Room memberships can be acquired by talking with Olivia or painne

Rules for the Room

1. This is an adult chat room. You MUST be over 18 to enter.

2. Enter with a proper name. Individual Letters, Numbers, Dots or Symbols are not welcome in the room.

3. Respect everyone in the room at all times while here. The Moderator's decisions are final.

4. No drama. Leave it at the door.

5. All chatro rules MUST be followed. Violators will be reported.

6. Don't PM someone you don't know well without first asking permission. If someone is busy, please respect that.

7. As in most rooms, open scening is encouraged. Commenting and teasing participants in an open scene, if in good taste, constructive, welcome or reasonable is allowed. No negative comments please. We understand that some scenes aren't as well crafted as others, but please keep negative comments to yourself.

8. Avatars are to be kept respectful in size and content.

This is a chat room, so chat and have fun!

Email for comments or help

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