Dungeon of Darkness

Judge not,lest you be judged

Room Theme
**Read the fucking door! It has important information you need**

This is the Dungeon of Darkness, where you will see all levels of depraved and demented scenes. This is a BDSM room, period. Simply put, this room will be filled with extreme BDSM which include, degradation, humiliation, pet play (not beastiality), age play (not underage/children), bloodletting, forced (pre-approved consent) sex, sacrilege, cutting, deformation , etc.

Registered Members
If you find you fit into the theme of the room, ask for a membership by emailing Qnightstorm (email link below)
  • Know your place
    Regardless of who you are NO Means NO
  • One more time for the hard of hearing. Know your place! I do not care of your name, or title, if you step over a limit or try to force yourself on someone without agreed upon limits I will boot you! Or even ban you depending on the complaint. (those making a case, please copy and paste the altercation)
  • There will be no talk or posting of underage sexual interactions whether in scening or general discussions, nor will there be any beastiality, vomit, or scat.
  • Be serious about BDSM and the growth of the lifestyle. Don’t worry we still joke around and laugh
  • This is a BDSM Dark Dungeon, remember that
  • NO DRAMA. Leave it at the door. You will get booted.
  • All Chatropolis Rules apply to The Dungeon. You must be 18+ to enter this room, by entering you agree to this and establish that you are over 18.
  • You must use a proper name. Not, somebody, anybody, peeking, whatever. Pick a proper name. You will get ONE warning from a Mod. If you do not comply, you will be booted until you can come up with a proper name.
  • Avatars no higher than 600 pixels.
  • THE OWNER’S WORD IS FINAL. You get one warning
Other Info
  • There are all kinds in BDSM, not all Dominants are the same, not all submissives/slaves are the same. Uncollared submissives/slaves will enter and act according to their personality and they will NOT be shamed for it.
  • All Dominants and submissives/slaves will partake of this dungeon as it is intended for a BDSM dungeon
  • All Dominants will be respectful of the rights of submissives
  • All collared submissives will act according to how their relationships are agreed upon by them and their Dominants. DO NOT interfere
  • If you do not like what you are seeing, leave.
  • I am the exception to the rule because I pay for the room. If I don't like something or if it goes against the rules of this room or Chatro, you will be warned and/or booted depending on the rule broken.
  • Do not enter a scene that is going on without being invited in
  • Again if you do not like it, leave.

The owner of the room is:Qnightstorm.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, then you can email him. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns you can email him there.

If you wish to be a member of the Dungeon you must email Qnightstorm at the email link above.
There has been issues with imping, so please register with the room

Inclusive and Safe

This room is welcoming to all.
Whether you be male, female, gurl, boi, transgender, gender queer, non-binary or anything I have forgotten,
There is NO SHAMING or JUDGMENTS here.


DoD is seeking people interested in taking an active role in the room,
either as room collared submissives, moderators (takes a long time to be approved) or members of the family.
Remember to register your name, regardless.

DoD Room Blog

Here you will find articles on the different styles of BDSM, in rt and vt
If you have any suggestions please email us at the email above

Room Events

Some upcoming events will be
Discussions on BDSM topics
Demonstrations on BDSM Play
Av Auctions
Dominant/submissive Auctions

DoD Open Party!!
Final Date:March 8&9, 2024 9pm EST
Click for Details

Need a Cookie? Click here.

Need an Avatar? Click here Digital Temptations for an amazing board with amazing artists.

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