Rock n Roll Pizzeria

This is a room to chill, chat, and sling some tunes. It is NOT a meat market. Yes, sexual encounters and "hook-ups" can and will happen, but if that is your sole purpose then this room is not for you. All gender identites, races and creeds are welcome in.

I apologize in advance for the following's long windedness, but it's important. I don't think asking you to read it once is too much to ask, and if you're disinclined to do so, then you probably wouldn't be a good fit here anyway.

I do not desire a long list of rules that cannot possibly cover every contingency. However, some highlights include, but is not limited to:
Common sense and courtesy are the coin of the realm. Treat others with the respect you would like to be treated with.

The expectation is that you will greet people by the name they have chosen to display. This is NOT a D/s room. And while we certainly respect your freedom to participate in that lifestyle, recognize not everyone does. So if you're the type who addresses everyone as "Miss", perhaps a more BDSM-centric room would better suit you.

Do not enter and wait to be greeted. People are busy with their own things. Just start talking. It's not to be standoffish, I don't want a scroll that is just a wall of hellos. This ain't Cheers, and you ain't Norm. If you're the type to complain about the red carpet not being rolled out for you, sorry, not sorry. There are other rooms.

Keep your avs tasteful. Just because we don't care what equipment you have doesn't mean we want to see it every time you post. Fellas, put the dicks away, ladies cover your V.

No public scening. If you meet someone, wonderful, but please keep it discreet and tasteful. Your business is your business. This includes returning from PM wiping your lips and things of that nature. News Flash: NOBODY CARES.

This is not a room for posting images we've all seen a hundred times before. Sure the occasional image will get posted, but if your MO is to just blast away posting pics, kindly find a more suitable room. If people want porn, they'll go to PornHub.

Discriminatory speech will get you removed without warning.

Any word or deed even tangentially relating to incest or sexual connotations of anyone underage is absolutely forbidden.

Lurking (Participate or go elsewhere)

Don't be a creep. I know many rooms encourage keeping "drama" to PM or using squelch. Not here. If you continually harass and/or bother someone, they are encouraged to call you out so that you can be dealt with appropriately. Not interested means not interested and I will not be sweeping douchebaggery under the rug.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Interpretation of these and anything else is left to the discretion of the moderators, who have been given a wide berth to boot liberally.

There are plenty of rooms that welcome and even encourage those behaviors, find them if it's more suitable for your desired chat experience.

It's 2023, please be courteous to our mobile users. This includes not using black font for your name, wearing avs that contain links, and various other habits. You will be told (not asked) to make the appropriate adjustments.
Bottom line: If you want to come in, relax, and not deal with the sexual pressures so prevalent in other rooms, this is the place for you.
Otherwise, move along, or we will help you do so.
This is a room for adults, defined here as well adjusted individuals who are capable of forming complete thoughts and engaging in conversation.

Known serial liars, multi-namers, predators, scumbags, fuckpebbles, and pedos will be removed from the premises upon entry without prior notice. Peddle your bullshit elsewhere.

This entry page serves as the one and only warning.
Setting foot inside represents your agreement to abide by the expectations laid out here.

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There are 0 gormandizers in this room

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