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fun, fucking, flirting, sex, orgies, gangbangs, BDSM, cum, whores, sluts, slaves, subs, Dom/mes, pets, bjs.

Debauchery Beyond Belief

Future Events

Masquerade/Fancy Dress (Superhero Theme)
All day Friday 27th July
check below sign in box for details

The Story of the Whorephanage
There once was a little busty whore that was cast out of her own home without a word of explanation. Cast out by her friends and her Daddy this pretty little slut was forced to roam the streets and dark alleys, living only off occasional tricks and blow jobs...So it wasn't all bad!
Then one day she comes across a large abandoned building. An orphanage. The hot little whore thinks this is a sign! Herself made an orphan, the whore orphan, the whorephan.
The Whorephanage!

Would you like to be a:-
Room whore, slut, slave, pet, lapdancer, stripper, waitress?
Just add the tag {whorephan} to your name. Show you are an asset to the room and you can become a member with your identity here protected
Or a:-
Doorman, Barman, Pimp, Madame, Slut Recruiter, Whore Co-Ordinator, Master/Mistress of the house?
Just add {The Whorephanage} to Your name and show You are an asset to the room and You can become a member with your identity here protected

Room Members
The Black Friar (Whore Co-Ordinator)
Ghost (Room Master)
Big Black King (Room Daddy)
Grad (Promoter)
Katherine (Room Domme)
bukkake babe (Mod/slut/whore/slave/pet)
kiran 36DDs
-alixana- (whore)
fuckpet faith (Room pet)

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Masquerade/Fancy Dress (Superhero/villain theme)
For the day of 27th July come in only using your Superhero/villain name (with ava for those that do avas)
True identities to be revealed at Midnight US Eastern time (5am English time)

If you would like to have your own party or special event in this room, please talk to bukkake babe.