Room in Brief
fun, fucking, flirting, bukkakes, whips, sex, orgies, gangbangs, BDSM, cum, whores, chains, S&M, cumblasts, sluts, slaves, subs, Dom/mes, pets, bjs.
And much more, sometimes all that in fancy dress!
Public play is strongly encouraged here. It's hard to start a public orgy in whisper

Debauchery Beyond Belief

Cumblast Party!
Friday September 14th 7pm EST (Midnight UK)
Men, no need to ask, just come and blow your load on any girl you fancy (see CUMBLAST rules)
Women-To be included simply wear the tag 'whorephan' with your name. To be excluded wear 'No cumblast' on your tags (whorephans can choose not to be included the same way)

The Story of the Whorephanage
There once was a little busty whore that was cast out of her own home without a word of explanation. Cast out by her friends and her Daddy this pretty little slut was forced to roam the streets and dark alleys, living only off occasional tricks and blow jobs...So it wasn't all bad!
Then one day she comes across a large abandoned building. An orphanage. The hot little whore thinks this is a sign! Herself made an orphan,
the whore orphan, the whorephan.
The Whorephanage!

Guys. Do You ever need to blow Your load but the sluts and whorephans are busy fucking, or simply chatting? Then invoke the CUMBLAST rule!
Type a post approaching the whorephan, with Your cock out, pointing at whatever part of her You want to make messy.
This will give the slut a chance to say 'no', if she's busy or not in that kind of mood. If she responds in any other way, e.g. *looks up at You, surprised, as You pump Your meat pointed at my lips* then that means carry on.
The next post by the man should be the ejaculation post, and the man's third post should be thanking, returning to his seat...Unless invited to join. The girl may gratefully lick or suck his cock clean.
The man gets his pleasure, and the girl gets a fresh load of cum spurting over her. Win/win
Men, please be aware, the girl may be doing other things, in r/t or in private
This rule is being trialed for a couple of weeks.

The Whorephanage=Freedom
To me, this room, the Whorephanage, is all about freedom. Freedom from the imposed moralaities of society, friends and family. Freedom from judgement, freedom from the chains of those that say what we should be, when we really just wanna be how we were born to be. Taking ownership of the words 'slut' and 'whore', taking a pride in being a good little fuckpuppet. A pride in being a whorephan!

Proud to be a slut, prouder to be a whorephan.

A whorephan is not properly dressed until wearing the cum of a lover.

Would you like to be a:-
Room whore, slut, slave, pet, lapdancer, stripper, waitress?
Just add the tag {whorephan} to your name. Show you are an asset to the room and you can become a member with your identity here protected
Or a:-
Doorman, Barman, Pimp, Madame, Slut Recruiter, Whore Co-Ordinator, Master/Mistress of the house?
Just add {The Whorephanage} to Your name and show You are an asset to the room and You can become a member with your identity here protected

Whorephanage Members

The Black Friar (Whore Co-Ordinator)
Ghost (Mod/Whorephanage Master)
Big Black King (Whorephanage Daddy)
Grad (Promoter)
Charles (Butt Basher)
Katherine (Whorephanage Domme)
Jax {bi} (Whorephan Bartender)
Vladimir {L} {Gangbang Stud Champion (10 lovers)}
Sensual Depravity
Smooth Criminal
Dr. Brett Young (Whorephanage Doctor)
(M)ai Phantasy
CM (One and Only)
Smooth Criminal (Whorephanage Moderator)
bukkake babe (Mod/slut/whore/slave/pet) {bukkake queen (12 cumblasts)}
kiran 36DDs
-alixana- (whore)
fuckpet faith (whorephan pet)
sabrina (slut)
lauren (slut)
gothic slut (Room bike){Whorephanage Gangbang slut Champion (18 lovers)}
miss poes (cumdump)
ember(. )( .) babe(fucktoy/slut/cumdump/slave)
terry (pet/slavecock)
maya lee (meat. No need to ask for permission)
Super Nymph (Honourary Whorephan)

Is it your birthady or do you want to plan a special event? Is there a theme you'd like for an evening, maybe a special fantasy or party?
Pick a time and day of YOUR choosing. Talk to bukkake babe or a room Mod.
Available ONLY for official room members

Who is Supernymph?

Need to get in touch with the Whorephanage? If you can't find a Mod to speak to, email at-

Competition Winners
gothic slut-The new Gangbang Queen on an amazing 18 lovers in one session!
Vladimir-Champion room stud on a fantastic 10 lovers in one go!

There are 6 users in this room

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Whorephanage Sexual Records!
Most Lovers in one session (female)- gothic slut (18)
Most Lovers in one session (male)- Vladimir (10)
Most blowjobs in one session- bukkake babe (11)
Most bukkaked in one session- bukkake babe (12)
There are more records to be set and broken in the future.
To my knowledge, these people are not also the Whorephanage Champions, but the Chatropolis Champions. If you disagree and think you can do better then...Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough!!! (Or wet enough)

Happy fun and fucking