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Our family:
Savage Gentleman (mod)
sweet n sassy, SG’s slave, S/switch (mod)

You MUST be 18+ to enter and all regular Chatropolis rules apply.

If W/we wanted to be alone, W/we wouldn’t be here. Come in!

This is a BDSM room, though all are welcome. Keep in mind, not all men are dominant and not all women are submissive, so mind your manners and don’t assume. Being submissive is not a sign of weakness, and calling oneself a Dom/me does not mean any submissive should immediately fall to their knees in front of you. If you feel this way, go somewhere else.

This is O/our home, so be respectful. Come in, be social and friendly. If you sit idle or can’t be nice, expect to be booted.

There may be open scening taking place. If a scene is in progress, be respectful. W/we encourage you to watch and enjoy!

NO DRAMA. If you come here to cause trouble, you will be removed from the room without hesitation. Anyone having an issue in the room should contact a moderator in private.

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