Gender Bender

Because boys will be girls and girls will be boys

WELCOME to Gender Bender. The room is home to all who challenge the confines of the gender binary system. Here you will find cross dressers – drag kings and drag queens – gender chameleons, transgenders, transsexuals and all manner of other individuals who support them. The room welcomes everyone and recognizes the spectrum of BDSM lifestyles. It is intended to be a place where friends and strangers can meet in an atmosphere of sexual tolerance and mutual respect. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the room rules below, and come on in!

EntryYou must be at least 18 years old to enter, or the age of majority in your jurisdiction.
AvatarsPlease keep avatars to a maximum height of 400 pixels.
CourtesyPlease be courteous to all. Drama, rudeness and any other behaviour which kills the buzz in the room will not be tolerated. If you have a problem, use the Squelch button or speak to a moderator. Whispering without approval is considered rude; please don't do it.
Image PostingImage posting is welcome, but please respect the fact this is a chat room too and don't flood the room with images. Do not post scat or other extreme niche images which may offend the majority. Anyone posting illegal images will be booted, banned and reported.
Membership ®Room membership is free and allows you to reserve your screen name.
ModeratorsPlease respect the moderators and don't interfere when they're moderating.
SceningPublic scening is encouraged here. Please don't judge a scene or join in uninvited. If a scene offends you, use the Squelch button.
Screen NamesPlease use a unique name and stick to just one. Screen names in ASL format or which read like an anonymous advert are unacceptable.
Contact and Terms of Service

For room membership requests, access and other admin enquiries please contact  The room moderators are boston guy, busty, Julia, Kitty, ~lil kitten~, Olivia's painne, Suki and torri.  Chatropolis room rules and terms and conditions apply here.

There are 14 benders in the room

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