Stolen Moments

Softcore Cabaret


WELCOME to Stolen Moments – an adult chat and image exchange room. The room is owned by torri (cd) and offered as a home to posters and lovers of softcore erotica. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the guidelines below and enjoy the room! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact torri or speak to one of the room moderators. Chatropolis room rules and terms and conditions apply here.

  • Avatars
    • Please use clothed or tasteful nude images Seeing your raging hard-on or gaping pussy is not in keeping with the theme of the room. you will be booted and banned if I come in and see you breaking this rule
    • Please keep avatars to a maximum height of around 400px
    • Please use static avatars only (gifs can get annoying quickly) No exposed sex on avatars, topless is fine
  • Images
    • Please post clothed or tasteful nude images only (absolutely no hardcore)
    • Please post at a pace which allows the viewers a little time to appreciate your art and your effort
  • Etiquette
    • Think of the room as a high end jazz lounge, not Studio 54 where people are fucking in a bathroom stall 10 minutes after entering. Hookups can and will happen, and are in no way discouraged, but this is not meant to be a pick-up room When you find a like-minded partner, take it to a quiet alcove...AKA PM
    • Your name is important, it is the first impression people have of you as you enter the room, don't have a name that is a Craigslist ad. You will be asked to change it. Have a name that you wouldn't die of embarrassment if someone called you it at the local Starbucks.
    • Since the above doesn't seem clear (Or some people with ADD just can't get through a few simple guidelines) that means no open scening. There are plenty of rooms through the Underground, upstairs, and around other chat sites that really want to see your elaborate roleplays. This isn't one of them
    • No pming without asking in public. As a corollary to this, don't ask every single person who enters if you can pm
    • Respect the mods and don't fuck with them. They are here to keep the peace, not push an agenda. If they ask you to act in accordance with the room rules, just do it so they don't have to boot or gag you

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