Underground Chat Room List
Room Name Description
! 50 Shades of Black ! Underground chat
! Amicus ! A place for friends.
! *Black Pearl* ! Interracial Chat
! *ℂontagion* ! undesirable influence
! 'Elbuort Tavern and Hotel The most interactive role play room where everyone is welcome and no one leaves without a smile.
! *Once Upon A Time ! Home
! ** SID Paint Nights Wed @ 9 PM est Graphics, Chat, Relaxation, NO DRAMA!!
! *Old School* ! Underground chat
! *Refuge of Depravity* ! Underground chat
! 'Carnality' ! just a speck of dust
! 'Degage Cafe' ! Lackadaisical Music Saloon
! 'Deliciously Inappropriate' ! Underground chat
! *A Sinful Encounter *! By Invitation Only...
! *CI Av Auction 2/13 8 PM EST* ! Underground chat
! *Wonderland* ! Underground chat
!! BDSM Paradise !! Underground chat
!!! *****TNR***** !!! Paint night 12th Feb 9pm EST BDSM themed room
!!!** *RFTS* ** !!! Come mingle and share dreams with friends And new people
!* The Masked Orgy *! Totally Anonymous Orgy
!*!Tender Brutality!*! we were kinky long before 50 shades made it cool!
!*A Kinky Fuckery*! Underground chat
!~Erotique Dark Masquerade~! An Erotic Dark Kinkery Masquerade, Strong Sexual Contact, Must be 18 years of age and over to Enter ONLY!
Ḟ U C K Underground chat
* Avatars by Design * Avatars by Design - Events/Chat room
* Burlesque's House of Whores * Underground chat
*~ Hotel Polyamory ~* An All-Inclusive Adult Resort
*~Erotic City Xtasy~* RP/full kinky fuckery, Erotic Fantasy,bdsm,All types of Legal Libidinous fun
.: The Mistress' Covenant :. BDSM Female Dominance
.:||- Picture Playground -||:. BDSM, fetish and fucking pics
4funonly Underground chat
Northern Lights Underground chat
The Pub A social relaxed room
Black Lust Underground chat
Taste the Rainbow Private Room
= Supernatural = RP/Chat
=Whispering Woods= Underground chat
Arkham City Limits Roleplay DC Comics, Roleplay, Batman, Joker
Australian Swingers Meeting Place for Australian Swinging Couples and Singles
Beneath Starshine Underground chat
Binds that Tie Underground chat
Bloodlust Manor Underground chat
Cabin Underground chat
Cake and Sodomy Cake and Sodomy
Carnal Knowledge Private
Castle Candor A BDSM Lifestyle Chat
Castle Elaina FemDom
champagne and handcuffs Underground chat
Christina Underground chat
Club D/s An exclusive, members only D/s room
Crimson Hill Castle Underground chat
Dark Side { Truth or Dare Night Saturday at 8 central } passion and darkness
Elorin's Rendezvous A place of love and learning, pain and pleasure
Gender Bender Underground chat
Gender Benders Original Underground chat
Heaven and Hell Underground chat
House of Xar Underground chat
Illuminated Realm of Darkness Underground chat
Isabella's Paradise This is a room to have fun... Make your own Paradise!
Isle Majique - Come for the Magic, Stay for the Love Underground chat
Jacqui's Country Club Underground chat
Kaitlyn's Korner A room for ladies only
La Titty Twister Bar Flirting & Fun & Events!
Ladies Only Lounge a room for friends
Louise and Micas Underground chat
Luvgud's Lounge Underground chat
Marvel's Super Heroes For fans of costumed heroes especially all things Marvel.
Melissa's Playground A sprawling women's only estate to enjoy fun with friends
Mistress~Anna's Dungeon Underground chat
My Room. My Room
Pistons Biker Bar Bikes, Babes, Booze
Post Haven ..................?
princeofegyp1 Underground chat
Rael Underground chat
sassy's sweet spot Under construction, but come on in and relax with U/us!
Serenity Underground chat
Serpents Playpen The Serpents Playpen is a room run by Lady Summer Grant and Her Wife/slave, april. The room is here for Dominants and sub/slaves...
SinSation http://i1030.photobucket.com/albums/y369/grace0000/953634e4-8161-490c-a8f4-782c0e06fba7_zpsmu35narz.jpg
Sisters of Perversion Zizi's Home for Her Sisters, slaves, and friends...
Sound & Vision (House of Fun) Same Great Vibe, Same Great Visions
Stripped A fusion of fantasy and chat
Tanya`s Place Underground chat
The Club A Private Members Only Room
The Den Private Room - Entry is by invitation only
thetest Underground chat
Velvet Paradise BDSM Themed Ladies ONLY Lounge
xoth: a little monster sanctuary abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
~*Our Place*~ Underground chat
~*~magical delights~*~ magic is all around Us
~Sensuelle's Getaway~ Underground chat
~Stranger in the Land~ Underground chat
~The Country Estate~ The Country Estate
~The House of Chiaroscura~ Underground chat
~~MoS's - Sanctuary~~ Underground chat


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